FX Customer Self-Service

The FX Customer Self-Service module is a customer portal solution that empowers your customers with secure access to job and ticket data in FieldFX.

Features & Benefits

Secure Customer Review & Approval

You can assign your customers a secure account. With their own secure account, they can:

  • Review and approve tickets

  • Add comments

  • Monitor job progress

  • And more.

You can also decide what your customers can see using configurable security management provided by FieldFX.

Industrial service providers can give different portal users access based on customer facility, unit, and equipment.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The FX Customer Self-Service module keeps your private company information secure. Keeping the information secure also improves customer satisfaction and strengthens your partnerships.

Customers are kept up-to-date and fewer interruptions mean everyone is more productive.

All of this could help you become their preferred vendor!


Customer Self Service provides an engaging customer experience by keeping customers involved throughout the job completion cycle.

Field employees, operations personnel, and customer representatives can all collaborate in the same online workspace.

Customers can review job documents online and sign them digitally to approve work completed.

Customers access data over a secure connection in a workspace built on the industry-leading Salesforce platform.

Users can access the portal on any device that has internet access.

You can customize the portal to reflect your brand and provide a seamless extension of your corporate identity.