Creating G/L Variables

Use GL variables to filter accounting transactions, such as by cost center or project. FX EAM includes places for up to four G/L variables.

Before creating variables, modify the Type picklist values on the FX5__GLVariable__c object to classify the variables in a way meaningful to the business.

Update the Values, not the API Name.

For example, update picklist Values to Company, Cost Center, Project, and Work Order. Leave the API Names as they default so that FX EAM can function as designed.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. To add a New record in GL Variables, click New.

  2. Make the following entries in Information:

    Field Name Description / Action

    GL Variable Name

    Name for the variable.

    For example, the company, cost center, or project.


    Select the type of G/L variable.


    Mark to make the option available in FX EAM.


    Leave the default value of "gl".

    You use this text to search for gl variables later.
  3. To add the variable, click Save or to add another GL variable, click Save & New.