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The Equipment object holds records for any item considered an asset. For purposes of EAM, any item that needs maintenance should be added as a record in Equipment.

Example 1. Equipment can be:
  • Buildings

  • Vehicles

  • Machinery

  • Computer/IT equipment

  • Etc.

FX EAM also creates Equipment records for Serialized Inventory items, which link back to a Catalog Item.

Maintenance Schedules

An Equipment record can have one or more Preventative Maintenance Schedules, which can then manually or automatically generate a Work Order with one or more Work Tasks.

Maintenance Crew Members can then be assigned or pick up a Work Task to complete.

Equipment Location

  • Equipment can be assigned to a Service Region to route to the appropriate service team.

  • Separately, assign a Location to the Equipment to know where it can be found. Locations can exist in parent-child hierarchy.

Asset Group

  • Assign an Asset Group to filter Model Work Orders, Standard Work Tasks, or Bills of Material.

    Example 2. To find maintenance work and material for particular equipment

    Create an Asset Group for each model of the Equipment to find the maintenance work and material needed for the maintenance of a particular model of Equipment.

  • Asset Groups are user defined.

Equipment Accounting

  • Equipment can be assigned to an Expense Account. Maintenance costs can be directed to a specific cost center by using up to four GL Variables.

    FX EAM assists in creating maintenance cost detail for your accounting system, but it does not offer a full accounting record.

    For example, GL Detail exists to help create credits and debits for costs related to maintenance on an Equipment item, but there is no method for recording depreciation in FX EAM.

New Fields in FX5__Equipment__c

EAM adds 38 fields to the FX5__Equipment__c object. These new fields allow for much greater flexibility in asset management through EAM.

The following table details the new fields available in this object with EAM.

Field Label Field Name Data Type Description

Asset Group


Lookup (Asset Group)

The Asset Group is used as a filtering parameter to present Model Work Order and Bills of Materials from a Work Order

Asset Location


Lookup (Location)

Lookup to Locations representing the Equipment’s physical location in the Location Hierarchy



Picklist Values:

  • Agitator

  • Air Conditioner

  • Air Dryer

  • Baler

  • Building

  • Fleet

  • Water System

Asset Class used in Class/SubClass for categorization

Default Planner


Lookup (User)

Default Planner for the Equipment (Lookup to User and for reference purposes only)



Text (30)

Engine Information for a Vehicle Asset Tag type

Expense GL Account


Lookup (GL Account) a

Used to record Expenses for Parts & Misc. Charges on Purchase Orders

TIP: This GL Account is automatically populated to the Work Order.

External ID


Text (255) (External ID) (Unique Case Insensitive)

Unique External ID which can be used to access the Equipment record thru the API

Fuel Type


Picklist Values:

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Flex Fuel

  • Electric: Hybrid-Gas

  • CNG

  • LPG

  • N/A

Fuel type for vehicle type equipment. User defined.




Latitude and Longitude of the Equipment. Automatically copied to the Work Order.

Geolocation Null


Formula (Checkbox)

If either Latitude or Longitude is Null, resolves to True. Used as an indicator for the Map Component.

GL Variable 1


Lookup (GL Variable)

GL Variables serve to support sub ledger account segments used as a company, cost center, asset, work order, etc.

GL Variable 2


Lookup (GL Variable)

GL Variables serve to support sub ledger account segments used as a company, cost center, asset, work order, etc.

GL Variable 3


Lookup (GL Variable)

GL Variables serve to support sub ledger account segments used as a company, cost center, asset, work order, etc.

GL Variable 4


Lookup (GL Variable)

GL Variables serve to support sub ledger account segments used as a company, cost center, asset, work order, etc.

Gross Vehicle Weight


Text (15)

Used for Vehicle type Equipment. User defined.

Hierarchy Display


Text (255)

Field Displayed on the Equipment Hierarchy. Can be manually edited or updated with Field Update Workflows capturing values from other fields thereby enabling the display text to be customer specific.

Hierarchy Sort Order


Number (5,0)

Controls the sort order for an Equipment position within a node on the Equipment Hierarchy

ID & Description


Formula (Text)
Formula: Name & " " & ****__Description__c

Equipment ID & Description (concatenated - used for easy grouping on Reports)

Inventory Location


Lookup (Inventory_Location)

Represents the Inventory Location where serialized Equipment is stored while being counted as On Hand Qty in inventory management



Text (255)

User defined description of the physical location of the Equipment

Mfg Date



Date the Equipment was manufactured

Nameplate Data


Long Text Area (1000)

User defined, multi-line nameplate data

Number of Doors


Picklist Values:

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • N/A

Number of doors for vehicle type Equipment

Number of Passenger Seats


Number (3,0)

User defined number of passenger seats for vehicle type Equipment

Parent Asset ID


Lookup (Equipment)

Reference to parent equipment in a physical or logical parent-child hierarchy

Parent Description


Formula (Text)

Description of the parent Equipment

PO Number


Text (50)

PO Number for the purchase of the Equipment



Text (2)

Default: "as". Provides a searchable field for looking up Equipment

Service Region


Lookup (Service_Region)

Lookup to Service Region, which provides an ability to organize Equipment in a distributed workforce environment. Service Region is copied to the Work Order.



Lookup (Space)

Location of the Equipment in the Building-Floor-Space hierarchy



Picklist Values:

  • CIP

  • Disposed

  • Idle

  • In Service

  • In Transit

  • Out for Repair

  • Pending Install

  • Repaired

  • Retired

  • Stock Inventory

  • Stored

Status of the Equipment in the lifecycle



Picklist Values:

  • Sub Class 1

  • Car

  • Truck

  • Trailer

  • Motorcycle

  • Lift Station

  • Storm Water Drain

  • Manhole

  • Freon

Dependent picklist Equipment SubClass in Class/SubClass categorization. User defined. SubClass values controlled by class value.

Top Level Parent


Lookup (Equipment)

The Top Level Parent represents the uppermost Parent Asset in the Equipment Hierarchy. The Top Level Parent enables you to create reporting summaries for all Equipment within a hierarchy.



Picklist Values:

  • Automated 3 Speed

  • Automatic 4 Speed

  • Manual 3 Speed

  • Manual 4 Speed

  • Manual 5 Speed

  • Manual 6 Speed

  • CVT

Transmission type for vehicle type Equipment. User defined.



Picklist Values:

  • Facility

  • Machinery

  • Vehicle

  • Furnishings

  • IT/Computing

  • Instrumentation

User defined Equipment type for categorization purposes



Text (17)

Vehicle Identification Number

Wheel Drive


Picklist Values:

  • FWD

  • RWD

  • AWD

  • 4WD

  • N/A

Wheel drive for vehicle type equipment