Admin Portal - Mobile Field Updates Releases

See Mobile Field Updates for more information.

Version 62

Type Issue Summary

New Features


We changed Mobile Field Updates on Task Labor so the User Resource Field to default to the current signed-in User.



We have increased the paging size to more than 1000 for increased customer record volumes.

See FX Mobile Field Updates for the documentation on this admin tool feature.

Version 59

Type Issue Summary



Support PDF Metadata

  • PDF files support adding metadata to the file

  • Report designers can now generate the file metadata as part of the report design with a new supported XML tag

  • Supported tags are Document Title (used for the Title property and the file name), Author, Subject, and Keywords

  • Use Handlebars expressions to dynamically add content for the metadata

  • Use the Optional Metadata section of the Report Template wizard to add content


  • For example, customizing the Document Title results in the following:

    Reports Tab in FieldFX Mobile

    Note List in FieldFX Back Office

    File Properties Details Tab



    On Windows, right clicking the PDF file and selecting the Properties option, then the Details tab, shows: image


We fixed an issue to improve security where FXComponents checks custom permissions for app access.


Support Updating Geolocation Fields

  • Administrators can now select a geolocation field for the object when defining an action for a Field Update.

  • Select a geolocation field from the object for the Field on a field update criteria.

  • Selecting a field that has geolocation as its data type sets the Value option in the Field Update window to true, and this cannot be changed.


  • When the defined mobile field update’s Criteria evaluates to true, the selected geolocation field updates with the user’s device’s geolocation.

    The device must have geolocation available from the device’s hardware or an active internet connection.


Support Additional Objects

The Mobile Field Updates tool now supports additional objects available in FieldFX Mobile. Additional supported objects are:

  • Work Order

  • Work Task

  • Work Task Steps

  • Custom objects for eForms

These objects can now be selected when creating a mobile field update rule.

Bug Fix


We added a welcome message to the landing page with instructions to select an object to make it clearer what the user is expected to do.