FX EAM provides debit and credit records for maintenance work, allowing you to track the costs associated with the movement of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) inventory and the labor performed on equipment.

The accounting provided by FX EAM is limited in scope and complements rather than replaces a full accounting system.

FX EAM does not track accounting for Labor.


FX EAM requires some basic setup to function:

Chart of Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts

    Create a basic chart of accounts to track where to apply costs, maintain the value of MRO inventory, retain a record of purchase order liabilities, and the value of InterWarehouse transfers.

G/L Variables

G/L Variables provide a means of tracking similar costs by different cost centers. They are similar to subledgers or subaccounts in accounting systems.

Equipment items, Warehouses, and Work Orders may be assigned up to four different G/L Variables.

Assign G/L Accounts and G/L Variables

Once created, assign G/L Accounts and G/L Variables to:

Area G/L Account Action or Description


Inventory Balance

Asset account to debit for value of MRO Inventory.

The balancing credit is to the Warehouse’s Liability account.

Inventory Write Off

Expense account to use for inventory adjustment transactions.

Credited for an Inventory Gain adjustment.


Debited for an Inventory Shrink adjustment.

Balancing offset is to the Inventory Balance G/L Account

Payables Liability

Liability account to credit for Purchase Order amounts at receipt.

Debit is to the Inventory Balance G/L account on the Warehouse for the Purchase Order at time of receipt.

InterWarehouse Transfers

Contra asset account for InterWarehouse transfers

Debited by Transfer Out requests.


Credited by Transfer In requests.


Expense account to debit for costs associated with work orders.

Credit is to the Inventory Balance account(s) for the Warehouse(s) used to provide the MRO inventory for the work orders.

Work Orders

Expense account to debit for work order inventory costs.

Populated by the account on the work order’s Equipment item.

Credit is to the Warehouse’s Inventory Balance account.