Sync Upload Errors


A sync upload error occurs when Auto Sync data from FieldFX Mobile doesn’t sync successfully to FieldFX Back Office. The Audit Log records a sync upload error in a SyncUploadError entry. You must resolve sync upload errors as soon as possible.

Sync Upload Errors vs. Sync Failures

Sync Upload Error Sync Failure
  • The sync fails and an error message displays on the Home page.

  • You need to resolve the failure by troubleshooting the issue.

  • When a ticket item or ticket log fails to create, update or delete, a notification appears for the user on the parent ticket that there is an error.

  • When a ticket fails to create, update or delete, the job updates notifying the user there is a sync error related to it.

  • When a ticket update fails, it’s marked on the ticket.

  • When sync event errors are cleared, the corresponding parent updated and a record is created with the info to the error.

  • Cleared means any Sync Event status change from Failed.


Filtering Items by a Field Value

If fields aren’t displaying in the Job, Crew Planning, or Equipment Planning filters, refresh Schedule & Dispatch.

If fields are still not visible, clear cache in your browser.

Best Practices

Avoiding Sync Upload Errors

Don’t delete quotes, jobs, or tickets in FieldFX Back Office.

Don’t add validation rules in FieldFX Back Office that could invalidate data synced from FieldFX Mobile.

Don’t use high-resolution images for FX Reports.

  • Use low-resolution images for logos.

  • Only attach low-resolution photos or stamps.

  • Keep the file size of each report below 1.5 MB.

Resolving Sync Upload Errors

To resolve Sync Upload Errors, try these solutions:

  • Set up email notifications so that system administrators receive alerts when sync upload errors occur.

  • Resolve sync upload errors immediately because one error can cause further errors.

  • Always resolve the oldest sync upload error first.

Common Sync Upload Errors

Many errors are due to a lack of permissions.

Make sure FieldFX Mobile users and Admins have the Sync Event Permissions permission set assigned, as well as other permissions needed for the appropriate objects for the sync event.

This table lists common sync upload errors and how to resolve them

Message Trigger Resolution


Permissions to the record have changed

Restore missing permissions to the record


Field user has referenced a record that has been deleted

Restore deleted record


Field user data fails validation

Correct the data so it passes validation

Suggested best practice: ensure Back Office validation rules match Mobile validation rules


Field user data does not meet lookup filter criteria

Correct the data so it matches the lookup filter criteria

Suggested best practice: ensure Back Office lookup filters match Mobile lookup filters


Field user does not have permissions for related record

Update permissions for the user to the specific record


Field user has added a child record to deleted parent

Restore parent record


  1. Field user has referenced a record that has been delete.

  2. Permissions to the record have changed.

  1. Restore deleted record.

  2. Restore missing permissions to the record.


Record was being edited while sync occurred.

Wait for record to be out of editing and re-sync.

Insufficient access rights on object id.

User has read access to the record.

Assign edit access to user.

No such column '(field api name)' on sobject of type (object api name)

Field user does not have permission to this field.

Update permissions for the user to the field.