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Sync 4.0, for FieldFX by ServiceMax, Inc. is the latest version of the Sync Engine. It is a new engine designed to move data back and forth from server side to our FieldFX mobile products. The reliability of this engine is dramatically improved and represents a tremendous step forward. Sync 4.0 allows mobile users to synchronize data back and forth from the field all the way back up to the cloud. Some customers could see speed increases up to 75 percent depending on the data footprint and optimized data being sent. Depending on the data that’s going down to the mobile device, FieldFX can acheive synchronizations that can be up to 11 seconds faster.

Sync 4.0 is also different architecturally. Using feedback from end users wanting faster synchronization and observing our own instrumentation, we created Sync 4.0. The goal was more than just improving the sending of tickets and forms back to the server on an unreliable data connection on a very slow data connection.

Not only did we look closer at the data that we’re sending back and forth over the wire, Sync 4.0 is more selective about what comes down and prioritizing what needs to go up to the top. There is now a much tighter filter where if customers have unreliable connections sync, it is better than in our legacy sync. Sync 4.0 is much more selective about the data that moves back and forth over the wire and we have a much more tolerant approach with respect to degrading connections.


  • Speed: Sync 4.0 delivers the best performance, reducing sync times by up to 75%.

  • Reliability: Sync 4.0 takes reliability to a whole new level, letting you work uninterrupted, online or offline, like never before.

  • Flexibility: Sync 4.0 makes sync administration easier, giving you the flexibility to control syncable data using sync configurations, sharing settings, and AltSync.

  • Instrumentation: Sync 4.0 features greater instrumentation, providing you with tools to monitor sync activity and providing FieldFX with tools for predictive maintenance and enhanced customer support.

Switching to Sync 4.0

Sync 4.0 is available on the following release channels:

  • Sync V4 Beta

  • Sync V4

  • V4 Quarterly Beta

  • V4 Quarterly