FX EAM uses Crafts to track the cost of labor on work order tasks.

While FX EAM generates accounting detail for the parts on work orders, it does not generate accounting transaction detail for labor.

Key Features

  • Each Craft has a name and a Planned Labor Rate.

  • Crafts tie to Work Tasks, not directly to Work Orders. A single Work Order may have different Crafts assigned to different Work Tasks.

  • Create a craft for each labor rate.

  • The craft’s labor is reflected in the costs of work orders and preventative maintenance reports based on the rate and the number of hours worked.

Work Tasks without a craft use the default labor rate defined in Custom Settings.

Step by Step

You can create a Craft directly in the Craft tab or while adding a Work Task.

  1. Create a [New] record in the Crafts object

  2. Add a name for the Craft to use and, optionally, a comment

  3. Assign a Planned Labor Rate for the craft