Work Tasks


  • Work Tasks define a scope of work completed at a common labor rate as defined by either a Craft or the default labor rate in Custom Settings.

  • Add custom work tasks to any Work Order or select from predefined Standard Work Tasks.

  • A Work Order can have as many separate Work Tasks as necessary to define the work required and the proper Craft, Crafts, or labor rate.

Key Features

  • Work Tasks track the labor completed for a Work Order.

  • Creating a Work Order with initial estimated hours greater than 0 (zero) prompts FX EAM to automatically add one Work Task. Adjust the Work Order Task and add Work Tasks as needed.

    The default value for the Work Order’s Initial Estimated Hours is defined in Work Order Parameters Custom Settings.

    Creating a Work Order with initial estimated labor hours of zero does not automatically generate a Work Task for the Work Order.

  • Optionally, use Work Task Steps to specify multiple parts of the same Work Task as required.

    Labor rate is defined by the Craft at the Work Task level, and cannot be changed at the Work Task Step level. Create a different Work Task for a different labor rate.

How It Works

  • Work is marked completed against Work Tasks.

  • All Work Tasks on a Work Order roll up into the cost totals for a Work Order. FX EAM tracks complete, partially complete, and incomplete tasks to show projected and actual costs.

  • Add Work Task Labor to track hours and costs.

Step by Step

Adding a Work Task

  1. Go to the Related tab of the Work Order

  2. Click New next to Work Task

  3. Make the following entries in Information

    • Std Task (Optional): Standard Work Task to use

    • Description: Custom work task

    • Work Order: Defaults to the selected work order

  4. Make the following entries in Date

    • Schedule Date: Planned date to begin the task

    • Task Due Date: Planned completion date

  5. Make the following entry in Hours

    • Planned Hours: Total number of hours planned for the task

      Complete the other fields as work is completed to record actual labor hours for the task.

  6. Make the following entry in Cost

    • Planned Labor Cost: Anticipated labor costs for the task

      The other fields are calculated based on the Task’s Labor Rate and the number of actual hours worked.

  7. Make the following entries in System Information

    • Sequence: Order of tasks to complete within the Work Order

    • Assigned Vendor: 3rd party vendor to use for the task

  8. Save the task

  9. Add Work Task Steps to the task if needed

Complete a Work Task

  1. Access the Work Task record and click the Complete Task action button in the upper right

  2. Mark the box for Work Task Complete

  3. If the task uncovered additional work that needed to be done, mark the box to Create Follow Up Work Request

  4. Click Next and complete information for the follow up Work Request type Work Order if needed.

Marking a Work Task as Complete also marks all associated Work Task Steps as Complete.