Inventory Overview

FX EAM tracks records of the Maintenance, Repair, and Operational (MRO) inventory available at one or more locations.

Item Records

Catalog Items

Record of MRO inventory items stored at any warehouse.

Item Attributes

Additional custom descriptions added to Catalog Item records.

Nouns and Modifiers

Means of classifying Catalog Items.

Serialized Inventory

Tracking specific stock items by unique identification number, such as a vehicle’s VIN.

UNSPSC Taxonomy

United Nations standard for segmentation and classification of products and services.



A location that houses Catalog Items.

Stock Items

Instance of a Catalog Item at a particular Warehouse.

Bin Locations

Row → Section → Level → Bin hierarchy for locating items within a warehouse.


Inventory Transactions overview

Tracking movement of inventory in and out of warehouses and quantity on hand amounts.

Inventory Adjustments

Record increases and decreases in on hand quantity.


Planned Stock

Determine how much inventory is required for upcoming work orders.

Purchase Orders

Generate requests to purchase stock items from vendors.


Generate requests to move items from one warehouse to another.

The beginning of the replenishment ordering process can be automated.