Create a Batch of Orders


FX EAM can create Transfer In and Request type Purchase Orders by Batch process.

Key Features

The Batch process runs as defined in the Apex Class schedule for Batch Purchase Orders and Batch Transfer Orders.

How Batch of Orders Works

  • Schedule the following Apex classes:

    • Transfer Order Batch: ScheduleTransferOrderBatch

    • Purchase Order Batch: ScheduleGeneratePurchaseOrderBatch

  • In the Stock Item records that should be reordered automatically:

    • Define a Reorder Point greater than 0

    • Select the Auto Reorder option

  • The type of order created depends on the Sourcing Type for the Stock Item.

  • FX EAM generates an order when the appropriate Apex job runs when the On Hand Qty + On Order Qty is equal to or less than the Reorder Point.

    • One Purchase Order for each vendor and warehouse combination

    • One Transfer In for each Receiving Warehouse and Supplying Warehouse combination

  • The Transfer In or Purchase Order request must first be Approved as normal.