FX E-Ticketing Overview


The FX E-Ticketing module is an electronic field ticketing solution that improves efficiency, reduces days sales outstanding (DSO), and eliminates revenue leakage.

Main Features

With FX E-Ticketing, you can:

Build Quotes

With FX E-Ticketing, you can streamline your quote-to-cash process. Sales representatives can generate instant quotes for the work required by customers.

When a customer approves a quote, you can convert the quote into a job.

You can then add tickets that include quote items for each round of work completed on the job.

Dispatch & Deliver Tickets

FX Ticketing makes delayed delivery of tickets a thing of the past. The module streamlines the entire field ticketing process throughout your organization. Operations managers can create jobs and tickets then send the information to crews in the field, along with driving directions.

Field personnel, using FieldFX Mobile online or offline, can update or add new contract-compliant tickets and capture signatures while working remotely. When field personnel return to a location with an internet connection, they simply push a button in FieldFX Mobile to sync with the FieldFX cloud. The job information is instantly accessible to operations personnel in FieldFX Back Office.

Operations personnel know the status of completed tickets as soon as field personnel sync with the FieldFX cloud.

Accounting personnel can transfer job information from FieldFX to your company’s accounting software and create invoices more easily.

With most of the job information loaded automatically, your quality control process is fast and easy.

Manage Price Books

You create quotes and tickets based on standardized price books. Price books can also be set up for general use or specific customers, offices, or business segments.

A powerful Rule Engine empowers your administrators with the ability to model various types of pricing scenarios and contracts including parent-child items, items tied to specific types of work, default minimum and maximum quantities, and cost-plus items.

Prevent Revenue Leakage

You can configure price books to use rules to automatically add, recommend, and disallow items on quotes/tickets given certain conditions.

FX E-Ticketing ensures these items are added to quotes/tickets, even if the field personnel forget to add them. You can avoid lost revenue due to missing billable items.

Generate Ticket Reports

You can use Ticket reports to display ticket data in report format. Customers can sign ticket reports digitally to approve work completed. Then you can attach signed reports to tickets as PDFs so that accounting personnel can use them to bill customers.

Complete Forms Electronically

You can create customized electronic forms (FX Forms) to look like your existing paper forms, such as:

  • Job safety assessments

  • Tailgate safety meetings

  • Incident reports

  • Customer surveys

Personnel can complete forms electronically in the office or at the work site and attach them to jobs or tickets for future reference, eliminating the need for paper-based forms.

Attach Documents

You can attach receipts, safety forms, job plans, photos, and drawings in a variety of formats to jobs and tickets. The attached documents at any time, online or offline, making it more convenient to keep documents for future reference.

For more information, see Attachments.

The Attachments feature in FieldFX has been deprecated and replaced with the Files API. To upload files to tickets or jobs, make sure the FXL File Viewer Lightning Components is added to the ticket or job record page.