User Setup

When setting up a user in FieldFX, be aware of the following topics and follow the steps contained in them:

  • User Profiles
    Understand how to use user profiles and use permission sets. In this topic, you can also add a new user profile.

  • Managed Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups
    Understand managed permission sets and permission set groups for FieldFX.

  • Permission Sets
    A set of permissions that enable a user to access and use FieldFX features and modules. They are used to control a user’s access to a specific FieldFX function.

  • User Records
    Use User Records in both FieldFX Back Office and FieldFX Mobile Users. You can add a user, assign a user to a release channel, and assign a user a FieldFX license. You can also reset a user’s login password or reset all login passwords. In this topic, you can also either unlock, freeze, or deactivate a user.

  • User Licenses
    A user must have a user license to access specific FieldFX features and modules before they can use them. You can manually assign or remove licenses to or from a user. There is a guided process to create new users.