A ticket records details about specific work completed on a job.

When you add a ticket, you can:


To use tickets, you need to:

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Step-by-Step Guides

  1. Add a ticket to a job.

  2. Use the Ticket item Builder or Ticket Item Wizard to add price book items to the ticket.

    The Ticket Item Builder has been deprecated and is no longer supported. You should switch to the Lightning Experience and use the tools FieldFX has there instead.
  3. Attach a ticket report to document the work completed and get the report signed by the company man.

Add a Ticket

FieldFX Back Office

  1. Open the Tickets tab.

  2. Click New.

  3. In Record Type, select a ticket type.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Enter details and click Save.

  6. Add ticket items.

FieldFX Mobile

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  1. Select Tickets on the sidebar.

  2. Select the ticket.

  3. Select Items on the sidebar.

  4. Select a dynamic parent item.

    Enable Dynamic Parenting must be selected in the linked Price Book.
  5. Select Update gear button.

  6. Select Add Child Items.

  7. Select child items.

  8. Select Green add button.

  9. At the confirmation to add details before saving each ticket item, select YES (to add the details) or NO (to continue adding them).

    The ticket grid appears showing the ticket items as a child item underneath the parent item.

    Child Item displayed in the Ticket Grid
    • You can also enter details before saving.

The child items display below the parent item.

Items with a parent and children

Add Quote Items for a Ticket

FieldFX Mobile

  1. Select Tickets on the sidebar.

  2. Select a ticket for a job created from a quote.

  3. Select Items on the sidebar.

  4. Select Add button.

  5. Select the Quotes Item type.

    When adding quote items, the other item types can’t be selected to add to the ticket.

    And when adding price book items to a quote, only items from the quote list can be selected.

  6. Select Quote item.

  7. Select Green Add button.

    Child items get added automatically when you add their parent item.
  8. You can also add the details before saving.

Copy a Ticket

FieldFX Mobile

  1. In FX Mobile, click Jobs and then open a job.

  2. Select on a listed job to open it.

  3. Select on Tickets.

    A list of tickets for that job appears.

  4. To copy a ticket, tap Copy Ticket next to the ticket you want to copy.

    All the information and ticket items for that ticket are copied into a new ticket. Use when you want to add a new ticket that is similar to an existing ticket.

  5. On the Copy Ticket window, edit any ticket details if necessary.

  6. Select Add to finish the copy.

    The ticket now has been copied and you can further edit the new ticket as necessary.