When setting up FieldFX, refer to these pages:

  • Custom Settings
    You can use custom settings to create and manage custom data at the organization, profile, and user levels. Custom settings data is stored in the application cache. You can access it efficiently, without the cost of repeated queries. Custom settings data can be used by formula fields, Visualforce, Apex, and the Web Services API.

  • Custom Metadata Types
    You can use Custom metadata types to create your own setup objects whose records are metadata rather than data. These are typically used to define application configurations that need to be migrated from one environment to another, or packaged and installed.

    Rather than building apps from data records in custom objects or custom settings, you can create custom metadata types and add metadata records, with all the manageability that comes with metadata: package, deploy, and upgrade. Querying custom metadata records doesn’t count against SOQL limits.

  • FX Settings
    The FX Settings are global settings that control how select FieldFX features work.

  • Login Settings
    Set security policies for login passwords, enable admins to log in as users, and set up trusted networks.

  • Personal Settings
    You can change your login password, security question, time zone, language, currency, and change the tabs in Salesforce classic and in the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

  • Sharing Settings
    Sharing settings control record access. You can use organization-wide sharing defaults to lock down record access to the most restrictive level. Also you can use the role hierarchy, sharing rules, and manual sharing to expand record access.