Catalog Items

The Catalog Item object is also used for other FX modules, such as e-Ticketing. This topic focuses on the fields related to FX EAM.

Within the context of FX EAM, a Catalog Item is a master record of a type of MRO inventory item stored at a Warehouse.

MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations.

A Stock Item joins a Catalog Item to a particular Warehouse. A single Catalog Item may be found in any number of Warehouses. In addition, the same Catalog Item may have multiple Stock Item records in the same Warehouse to track items in different conditions, such as New, Used, or Refurbished.

Stock Items that are serialized have records in the Equipment object, as well. There is a lookup field from Equipment to Catalog Items.

Serialized inventory items have unique identifying codes for each item.

Common examples of serialized inventory include Vehicles and IT equipment.

Add a Catalog Item

Create Catalog Items directly in the object or while creating a Stock Item.

  1. Add a New record to Catalog Items

  2. Make the following entries in Information:

    Field Description

    Item Code

    Identifying code for the item


    Human readable description for the item

    Sequence Number


    Stocking unit of measure

    The UOM for stocking items may be different than the UOM for purchasing the items.

    The other fields in this section do not apply to FX EAM.

  3. Make the following entries in MRO Attributes (Optional):

    Field Description


    Top level classification for search and reporting purposes


    Second level classification for search and reporting purposes

    Nameplate Data

    255 character field allowing for additional information about the item

  4. Click Save or Save & New.