Push Upgrades


Push upgrades are automatic updates of the FieldFX Base Package.

Push upgrades occur in Q1, Q2, and Q3 and run during off-peak hours.

You can always have the latest features and fixes in your org with push upgrades, saving you the time and hassle of deploying updates yourself.

How it Works

Push upgrades deploy as follows:

Stage Duration Details


Lasts 4 weeks

  • Weekly notifications go out about the coming upgrade

  • Pre-release availability

You can upgrade ahead of schedule if desired. Contact Support for details.


Lasts 5 weeks

  • Upgrade deployed to Sandbox orgs

  • Submitted defect issues are fixed during testing period


Lasts 2 weeks

  • Upgrade deployed to Production org

Patch Upgrades

  • Patch upgrades are automatic updates that go out to fix a Severity 1 defect.

Patch upgrades deploy directly to Production orgs.