Work Order Template Setup



Work order templates define the work orders that record equipment maintenance.

You must add a work order template for every type of equipment maintenance.

Adding a Work Order Template

  1. Add a work order template:

    1. Open the Work Orders tab

    2. Click New

    3. In Record Type, select a work order type

    4. Click Continue

    5. In Name, enter a template name

    6. Select IsTemplate

    7. In Description, enter a description of the maintenance carried out for work orders of this type

    8. Click Save

  2. Add tasks and qualifications to the template:

    1. Under Work Order Tasks, click New Work Order Task

    2. In Sequence Number, enter a sequence number to use for the task

    3. In Title, enter a task name

    4. Click Save

    5. Under Work Order Qualifications, click New Work Order Qualification

    6. In Qualification, select the certification required to complete the task

    7. Click Save

    8. In Work Order, click the work order name

    9. Repeat steps a to h for additional work tasks and qualifications as needed

  3. Add work order items to the template:

    1. Open the work order template

    2. Under Work Order Items, click New Work Order Item

    3. In Catalog Item, select a catalog item to include on the work order

    4. Click Save & New

    5. Repeat steps c and d. Click Save to finish