Quote Workflows


To use quote workflows, you need to:

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A quote workflow tracks the status of quotes.

Simple quote workflow flowchart

A quote workflow features the following components:

Component Description Example


Possible quote status


Status Workflow

Transition between quote statuses

PendingBid Won

How it Works

FieldFX Back Office

  • The Status field displays a quote’s status.

    FieldFX Back Office workflow status field highlighted
  • To change the status, click the workflow button for the next status.

    FieldFX Back Office workflow status buttons highlighted

FieldFX Mobile

  • The Quote Status indicator displays a quote’s status.

    FieldFX Mobile Quote Status example
  • To change the status:

    1. Select the indicator

    2. Select the next status

      FieldFX Mobile select new quote status

    3. Select Proceed.

Validation Rules

Validation rules run when you change the status of a quote:

  • If the quote passes validation, it transitions to the new status

  • If the quote doesn’t pass validation, you can’t change the status until you enter valid data.

  • The quote may now display read-only.

  • The quote may no longer display in FieldFX Mobile after the next sync.

Read-Only Statuses

Quotes become read-only when they reach a read-only status.

Refer to the Restrictions for Read-Only Quotes section for a list of restrictions when quotes become read-only.


Changing the Status of a Quote

FieldFX Mobile