Single Sign-On Setup for FieldFX Mobile


Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log in to FieldFX using their domain credentials.

This saves the need for users to have numerous login credentials for devices and applications.


To set up single sign-on, you need:

Permissions Needed User Licenses Needed Complete These Tasks
Before Continuing
  • System permissions:

    • Customize Application

    • Modify All Data

    • View Setup and Configuration

None, user licenses have already been assigned.

See below.

Configuring a SSO Domain for FieldFX Mobile

  1. Set up single sign-on for Salesforce by following the steps in Salesforce Help: Single Sign-On.

    FieldFX by ServiceMax, Inc. can’t assist with setting up Single Sign-On for Salesforce.
  2. Gather the following information:

    1. Record your company’s My Domain URL in your company’s production and sandbox Salesforce orgs.

      The org’s domain can be found by going to Setup, type Domain in the Quick Find, then click My Domain under Company Settings.

      Screenshot showing where to select My Domain and where the where to find the Domain in Salesforce Setup
      • What subdomain of \* would you like to use to access FieldFX Mobile?

    2. Your production org?

      For example:

    3. Your sandbox org?

      For example:

  3. Send the correct MyDomain URL and sub-domain information to your FieldFX implementation manager or support.

  4. After information is entered in our system, we will notify you immediately.