Bill of Material Items


Bill of Material Items are the Catalog Items for a Bill of Materials.

For example, the specific air filter, tires, and windshield wipers to use for the maintenance or repair of a fleet of like-model trucks.

Key Features

  • List any or all generic Catalog Items to create a selection list for creating Work Orders.

  • Use the Work Order to select the related Stock Item from a specific Warehouse.

  • When creating a Work Order, users select from the list on the Bill of Materials.

    Users select from the list only what is necessary. They do not have to select all the items on the list.

How Bills of Material Work

Visual flow showing Equipment items pointing to an Asset group

Step by Step

  1. Create or select a Bill of Material for the Asset Group.

  2. From the Quick Links for the Bill of Materials, select BOM Items, then click New.

  3. Search for or create the Catalog Item required for maintenance or repair.

  4. Enter the BOM Qty required to complete the work, then click Save or Save & New.