Sending Out Transfer Requests


  • Transfer Out requests record inventory leaving a warehouse to go to another warehouse.

  • FX EAM automatically creates inventory movement and accounting detail to record the inventory leaving the Warehouse.

How It Works

  • FX EAM automatically creates a Transfer Out request for the supplying Warehouse when a Transfer In request is approved at a Low Stock Warehouse

    The generated Transfer Out request duplicates the Transfer In request and is linked at the header and line detail levels.

  • The supplying warehouse issues stock to a Transfer Out request and Releases the transfer.

  • The low stock Warehouse performs a Transfer Receipt on the Transfer In request to complete the Transfer.

  • Releasing the Transfer Out order

    • Relieves On Hand Qty at the supplying warehouse

    • Generates Accounting Detail:

      • Credits the supplying Warehouse’s Inventory Balance GL Account

      • Debits the supplying Warehouse’s InterWarehouse Transfers GL Account

        The value of the inventory sits in this account during shipment.

Step-by-Step Guide

Issue Stock to Transfer Out Order

The Transfer Out order must be in Released or In Progress status to issue stock to the order.

  1. Access the Transfer Out order.

  2. Set the Status of the order to In Progress and click Save.

  3. From the Quick Links or Related tab, select Transfer Order Lines, then select the Transfer Order Line for the item to issue.

  4. From the Quick Links or Related tab, select Transfer Order Transactions, then click New.

  5. Make the following entries:

    • Transfer Order Line: Defaults, but can be changed

    • Transaction Qty: Number of items to issue to the Transfer Out order

      The quantity cannot exceed the On Hand Qty for the item or the Open Qty on the Transfer Out order

    • Transaction Date: Defaults the current date, but can be changed

  6. Click Save or Save & New.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for other items.

  8. Set the Status of the order to Released.

    This makes the issued items available for receipt at the requesting Warehouse.

  9. Click Save.