FX Schedule & Dispatch

The FX Schedule & Dispatch module is an integrated resource management solution that allows you to manage your field operations more efficiently.

Use these links to discover more about Schedule & Dispatch:

  • Overview - Contains information about the module and other features includes:

    • Personnel and Asset Tracking

    • Tracking job qualifications of your employees

  • Object Relationships - Covers information on the key objects that are used and explains how they work together

Key Features

  • Schedule & Dispatch covers:

    • More detail on how the module works

    • The needed prerequisites for use

    • How to get to the module

    • The layout and key information panels

    • Videos and step-by-step guides on its use

  • Crew Planning covers the module’s feature where you can dispatch crew to jobs.

  • Equipment Planning covers the module’s features where you can dispatch equipment to jobs.


  • Minimum Permissions covers the minimum permissions required to use the FX Schedule & Dispatch module.