Purchase Orders for Miscellaneous Items


A Miscellaneous Item is any purchase that does not increase the quantity on hand of a Stock Item.

For example, these purchases could be:

  • Work by 3rd party vendors

  • Services

You can use Purchase Orders to track the purchase of work order line items that are not stock items.

Step-by-Step Guide

Add a PO Miscellaneous Cost item to a Purchase Order

  1. Create or Access a Purchase Order.

  2. From Quick Links or the Related tab, select PO Misc Cost and click New.

  3. Make the following entries in Information:

    Field Description

    Purchase Order

    Defaults, but can be changed


    User defined description for the cost

    Order Qty

    Enter number of items

    Unit Cost

    Enter cost the vendor charges per item

    FX EAM calculates the extended cost as OrderQty × UnitCost.

    Required Date

    Enter the date by which the items must be received

    Work Order

    If items are for a work order, select the Work Order

    WO Misc Cost

    If items relate to a specific miscellaneous cost item on a work order, select the miscellaneous cost item

  4. Make the following entries in Accounting Details:

    Field Description

    Expense GL Account

    Account to debit at receipt.

    GL Variable 1-4

    Sub ledger account to use for the cost center.

  5. Click Save or Save & New.

Receive the Miscellaneous Items when the vendor delivers them.