Purchase Orders for Miscellaneous Items


  • A Miscellaneous Item is any purchase that does not increase the quantity on hand of a Stock Item.

    For example:

    • Work by 3rd party vendors

    • Services

  • Track the purchase of work order line items that are not stock items.

Step by Step

Add a PO Miscellaneous Cost item to a Purchase Order

  1. Create or Access a Purchase Order

  2. From Quick Links or the Related tab, select PO Misc Cost and click New

  3. Make the following entries in Information:

    • Purchase Order: Defaults, but can be changed

    • Description: User defined description for the cost

    • Order Qty: Enter number of items

    • Unit Cost: Enter cost the vendor charges per item

      FX EAM calculates the extended cost as OrderQty × UnitCost.

    • Required Date: Enter the date by which the items must be received

    • Work Order: If items are for a work order, select the Work Order

    • WO Misc Cost: If items relate to a specific miscellaneous cost item on a work order, select the misc cost item

  4. Make the following entries in Accounting Details:

  5. Click Save or Save & New

Receive the Miscellaneous Items when the vendor delivers them.