FX Mobile Help Builder


The FX Mobile Help Builder is an Admin Portal tool enabling system administrators to define and maintain the help text messages that display in FieldFX Mobile.

FX Mobile has a default help text message system that displays when a user selects the circle question mark icon on a mobile screen.

Example of the question mark icon
Figure 1. FieldFX Mobile users can access help text for the screen they are on by tapping the question mark icon in the lower left corner

The messages display a series of help text across user interaction elements.

The default help text can be customized to use specific terms or custom messages pertinent for the organization. Organizations can translate the help messages into additional languages to serve their user base.


To use FX Mobile Help Builder, you need to:

Have these user licenses Complete these tasks
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before continuing
  • Set up the FX E-Ticketing module

  • Have access to Admin tools.

    Access to the Admin Portal is available to anyone with the ability to Customize Application in System Permissions. This access can only be granted through Permission Sets or Profiles to users with a Salesforce license.

How it Works

FieldFX Mobile displays the help text from the Activated language file for the user’s selected default language, if available.

If the user’s selected default language is not available as an Activated language help module file, then the US English help text displays.

Screenshot of a list of active help modules
Figure 2. Activated Help Text languages are listed in the tool
A user’s default language is defined in Salesforce → Setup → Users, under Locale Settings.

Users cannot select their preferred default language from the FieldFX Mobile application.

Users with access to Back Office can choose their own language preferences there by modifying their My Settings options. The steps vary depending on whether they use Classic or Lightning.

Search "locale settings" at help.salesforce.com for step by step instructions.

Displaying Help in FieldFX Mobile

  • FieldFX Mobile users access the help tour from the question button at the lower left corner of any mobile screen.

    Example of the question mark icon
    Figure 3. FieldFX Mobile users can access help text for the screen they are on by tapping the question mark icon in the lower left corner
  • Help messages can be text, or the message may be a link to either an image or video file.

    To display a link, the user must have sufficient access to the content.

  • The help tour displays help messages about functions on the screen sequentially, pausing briefly for each message.

    Image of a help message from the FieldFX Mobile app.
    Figure 4. A help message from FieldFX Mobile
  • Users can skip ahead to the next message, pause on the current message, or return to a previous message.

  • An organization can customize the text that displays or insert an image or video in its place.

    The user must have an available Internet connection to access the image or video URL (WiFi or Cellular).

  • Each step in the help builder corresponds to a button a user can select on a screen in FieldFX Mobile.

Step-by-Step Guides

You can:

Access the Help Builder

Access the object in FX Mobile Help Builder to configure help messages.

  1. Login to the Admin Tools for your Sandbox or Production org at https://admin.fieldfx.com/

  2. Select the Mobile Help Builder

The first time an org accesses the Mobile Help Builder, it is necessary to return to the Admin Portal Dashboard and then re-enter the Mobile Help Builder to continue. This allows Salesforce to create a necessary Static Resource file.

From the Mobile Help Builder screen, click the FX logo on the top left of the screen to return to the Dashboard, then click Mobile Help Builder again to continue.

Create a Language File

US English text is provided as the default help text and does not have a language specified in the file Name.

  1. In the In Progress section on the left, select the box under Add Language next to the FX Mobile Help file and choose the language to add or modify help text.

  2. Press the plus button to create a new language file for the help text.

    Screenshot of add language plus button icon
    Figure 5. The add language button

Modify the Text of a Language File

  1. Click the Edit button for the FX Mobile Help file for the language you wish to change.

    Screenshot of the Edit button
    Figure 6. Use the pencil icon to begin editing a help language file

    The first file that does not specify a language in the Name column is the file for US English, the default help text file. Resource files for languages other than US English specify the language in the resource Name.

    Mobile users see the language file for their user profile’s default language, if the language file exists. Otherwise, the user sees US English.

    Screenshot of the available language files
    Figure 7. The Mobile Help Builder first displays a list of In Progress and Active Help Modules
  2. The Mobile Help Builder edit screen displays.

    Screenshot of the help builder’s edit screen
    Figure 8. After selecting a language file, the edit page allows you to choose the screen section to create or modify
  3. Select the set of steps to modify to expand the list of steps.

  4. Select the step to modify.

    The help text details appear on the right side of the screen with a Reference Image to confirm the selected screen element.

    Figure 9. Select to expand a section, then choose a particular function to see the reference image
  5. Make the following entries:

    • Title (required): The header the user sees at the top of the help message

    • Primary Content (required): The content of the help message

    • Link (optional): URL to a video or image file that displays in the help message.

      The user must have read access to the specified URL if linking to a status resource file, or the URL must be public.

      The user must also have an available and active Internet connection.

      Changes display in the Slide Preview.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each other step.

Hide or Show a Help Element

Unneeded help elements can be hidden so that users do not see them.

  1. From the Mobile Help Builder's Edit screen, expand the group of elements.

  2. Click the Hide label to the right of the element that should not display.

Hidden elements drop to a separate group at the bottom of the left panel.

  1. Expand the Hidden group and the element section to display a list of elements hidden from that section.

  2. Click the Show label to the right of the hidden element to begin displaying help for that element to users.

Activate the Help Text File

After making changes to the language file in the edit screen, activate the file to make the help text available to users.

  1. For the Mobile Help Builder Edit screen, click Back to Resource View.

  2. From the In Progress section, select the Activate arrow for the language file to make Active.

    Example of the arrow to activate a language file
  3. A dialog displays asking to confirm the Activation.

    Click Activate.

    Screenshot of the confirmation popup
    Figure 10. Confirm that you want to activate the help language file

The language file moves to the Active Help Modules section and is available to users.

Delete an Active Help Language File

If you delete the US English help file, no help messages display to mobile users for US English or users who do not have a language file available.

  1. From the Mobile Help Builder's Edit screen, select the trash can button for the Active language file to delete.

    Screenshot of the Active Help Modules
    Figure 11. Use the trash can icon to the right of an active language file to delete the file
  2. A dialog displays asking to confirm the deletion.

    Click Delete.

    Screenshot of the delete file popup
    Figure 12. Select Delete in the confirmation window to delete the file
  3. The help text for the selected language file is no longer available for FieldFX Mobile users

    If present, the US English help text defaults.

Delete an In Progress Help Language File

In Progress language files are not available to FieldFX Mobile users. They are works in progress and holding places for additional edits.

Use caution when deleting an In Progress language file, as they cannot be restored.

Existing In Progress language files are retained after activation to make edits easy for future updates, rather than having to recreate the entire file.

Removing an In Progress language file does not remove a related Active file.

  1. From the Mobile Help Builder's Edit screen, select the trash can button for the In Progress language file to delete.

  2. A dialog displays asking to confirm the deletion.

    Click Delete

    Screenshot of the delete file popup
    Figure 13. Click Delete when the confirmation popup displays
  3. The help text for the selected In Progress language file is removed and cannot be restored.

    Deleting the US English In Progress file deletes the existing file.

    After leaving and returning to the Mobile Help Builder tool, a default FX Mobile Help file for US English displays in the In Progress section with the contents of the standard help text.

    This makes it possible to revert to the standard help text if needed.

    Text does not display to FieldFX Mobile users unless the new US English file is activated.