Work Task Steps


  • Work Task Steps identify individual items to complete as part of a Work Task.

  • Work Task Steps are optional, and a Work Task can have as many Work Task Steps as needed.

  • Work Task Steps use the Craft and Labor Rate from the Work Task.

Key Features

  • Work Task Steps can be put in a sequence.

  • Mark individual Work Task Steps as complete and track completion percentage on the Work Task.

  • (Optional) Add detailed information, including images, in a Rich Text Field.

Step by Step

Adding a Work Task Step

  1. From a Work Order, select a Work Task

  2. From the Quick Links or Related tab, select Work Task Steps and click New

  3. Make the following entries in Information:

    • Work Task Step: 80 character name

    • Work Task: Defaults, but can be changed to another Work Task if needed

    • Sequence (Optional): Order in which to complete the work

    • Comments: 255 character field for additional information

    • Complete: Leave unchecked until the work is finished

  4. Add Additional Details as desired, including images

  5. Click Save or Save & New

Completing Work Task Steps

  1. Access the Work Task record and go to the Related tab

  2. Under Work Task Steps, select the step to complete

  3. Mark the Complete check box and click Save

If you mark the Work Task as complete, FX EAM also marks all Work Task Steps as complete.