Core Features

The core features of FieldFX are Sync Engine, FX Reports, FX Forms, Attachments, and Workflows.

Sync Engine

The Sync Engine is one of the most important features in the FieldFX product suite. The Sync Engine synchronizes data between FieldFX Mobile and FieldFX Back Office.

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FX Reports

FX Reports display FieldFX data in report format.

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FX Forms

FX Forms are interactive forms and you can them to record details about a job or ticket.

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Attachments are reports, images, and other files added to a record. The reports always go to Notes and Attachments. Images and other files can be set to sync or not sync to mobile devices. These files can sync over either the Chatter API or the Files API.

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  • Overview

    The Attachments feature in FieldFX has been deprecated and replaced with the Files API. To upload files to tickets or jobs, make sure the FXL File Viewer Lightning Components is added to the ticket or job record page.

  • Setup


Workflows shows how a quote, Job, ticket, or invoice flows in FieldFX.

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