Use FX DataGuide Forms in Back Office


FX DataGuide is a tool to create and complete forms, surveys, and questionnaires. Forms can be connected to a particular job or ticket, or they may be independent forms not connected to a particular record.

The module must be installed, setup, and configured in Back Office. Once that is completed, a form must be created to use in FX Mobile by a mobile user. DataGuide forms can also exist in the Back Office to be completed by a Back Office user.

You can also have FX DataGuide Forms in FieldFX Mobile.


To use FX DataGuide, you need to:

Have these user licenses Have these permissions Complete these tasks
and review these topics
before continuing

For information on using FX DataGuide in FieldFX Mobile, refer to the FieldFX Mobile docs.

Getting There

Your access to FX DataGuide may vary by org, depending on how FX DataGuide is setup.

In FieldFX Back Office, FX DataGuide makes use of combinations of three custom Lightning Experience components:

  • FXL DataGuide

  • FXL DataGuide Buttons

  • FXL DataGuide Grid

Normally, FXL DataGuide should be set up in FieldFX Back Office to be accessible from a Job, from a Ticket, and a separate tab for working with forms not tied to a specific record.

How it Works - FieldFX Back Office

For information on using FX DataGuide in FieldFX Mobile, refer to the FieldFX Mobile documentation.

Before working with FX DataGuide in FieldFX Back Office, complete the required FX DataGuide Setup to create Lightning Record Pages for Jobs and Tickets that include the FXL DataGuide Button component and the FXL Data Grid v2 components configured to access FX DataGuide forms.

Accessing Forms

This process may vary on your org. Contact your System Administrator.

  1. Access the record or tab for working with forms.

    FX DataGuide is highly configurable and may look or be accessed differently on your org.
  2. Select a form to use from the list

    FX DataGuide lists only forms relevant to you and your current context based on the IsAvailable filter and Form Subject defined for the form.


  3. After selecting a form, the Please select a form button changes to provide relevant options, based on FX DataGuide configuration options.

    It is possible to have multiple options available after selecting a form.

    • If there are no in progress or completed forms, or to begin a new form, select Start a New Form


    • To return to a form already in progress, but not yet completed, select Complete A Saved Form


    • If there are completed forms, select the download button image to download a PDF of the form or select View Results to view the form as completed on screen.


  4. Enter data in the form.

    Completed forms cannot be modified.

  5. Do one of the following:

    • Click Close without Saving to exit the form without saving any changes made to the form

    • Click Reset to clear the form but stay on the form screen

    • Click Save and Finish Later to store the data entered in the form

      The most recent saved form for the record displays when the Complete A Saved Form button is selected.

    • Click Save and Complete to finish the form and mark it Complete

      Completed forms cannot be changed.


  6. If you click Save and Complete and any required fields are incomplete, a prompt displays to complete required questions.

    1. Click Close to exist the dialog and return to the form.

    2. Complete any required fields on the form.

    3. Click Save and Complete.

Download a Completed Form

  1. Access the tab or record where FX DataGuide is configured for your org.

  2. Select the form from the list.

  3. Click the down arrow button image to the left of the View Results button.

  4. The form downloads to the browser’s default download folder

  5. Use the browser or the computer’s file navigation tool to navigate to the download folder and display the PDF of the form.