FX DataGuide Overview


FX DataGuide is a tool to create forms, surveys, and questionnaires for users to complete. They can be connected to a particular job or ticket, or they may be independent forms not connected to a particular record.

You can also have FX DataGuide Forms be completed in either FieldFX Back Office or in FieldFX Mobile.


Use FX DataGuide to:

  • Manage small to large form repositories, accommodating even large enterprise customers.

  • Enhance regulatory and compliance management with digital forms.

  • Fit for purpose and flexible forms management.

  • Full support for using forms within FieldFX Mobile’s offline capabilities.

  • Capture just-in-time data that is reportable and actionable.

  • Easily design forms with the drag and drop functionality of the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) form designer.

  • Include a variety of question and input types on the form.

  • Maintain multiple versions of a form, activating the one to use as needed.

  • Allow end users to add additional options on the fly with dynamic form input options.

  • Use advanced logic to provide users a guided workflow to display only appropriate questions based on circumstances and live inputs.

  • Capture correct information using form response validations.

Object Relationships

FX DataGuide relies on the following objects:

Object Parent Description



Contains the header information for a form

Form Version


Contains the record of a particular iteration of a Form

Form Data

Form Version

Contains the JSON content of the collected answers and responses for a specific Form Version completed by a user

Form Response

Form Data

Contains individual responses to questions collected in Form Data

How it Works

FX DataGuide is primarily for these types of user roles:

  • Form Designers create Forms and Form Versions in the Admin Portal’s DataGuide tool.

  • Users select forms on their devices and complete them.

  • Data Analysts can use their business intelligence solution to interpret the data collected from users.